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Solvemax Technologies visualizes to be globally recognized for truly delivering value-for-money services with sincere service approach, in its business pursuit of end-to-end IT solution and consulting needs of the clientele


Solvemax Technologies strives to offer an extensive range of products and services which are cost efficient, which adds value to the specific needs of the clients with its unmatched quality, service, and business returns.

We are committed to bringing prosperity to our business, our business associates, our clients, and to the communities wherein we live, operate, and that we serve through our core values.

Through the successful pursuit of these commitments, Solvemax Technological continue to be known as “The Complete Information Technologies and e-commerce web Providing Company”

We believe design is a process

We prototype and iterate

We design and build

Core Values

We shall observe to the principles of integrity, honesty, and quality at all times. Our core values always guide us to win the right way, which is “Winning with Integrity”

We strive to treat people, our associates, clients, and customers just the way we would like ourselves to be treated.

Further at Solvemax Technologies, we intend to concretely contribute towards building a society where individuals and collective empowered to realize their full potential by maximizing their talents and abilities

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