With the advent of information Technologies in our daily lives, business promotions online has become need of the hour. Our online team takes due care to promote your products and pass over your preferred messages to the target audience over the internet with ease. Our large array of online marketing services vary right from Search Engine Optimization and Marketing to digital display to sponsored links to e-mail marketing and social media.

These days, it is of utmost importance to use online marketing services for the overall growth and development of your company. Services offered under Online Marketing at Solvemax Technologies include:

  • Promoting the products and services on the Internet
  • Circulating artwork and media contents over the internet
  • Use of our software integration and development team to carry online transactions
  • Generate business leads by attracting prospective customers to sign-up for your services or newsletters
  • Devising feedback forms to get direct response from the customers through voting systems for online games, shows etc.


Social Media Marketing

We offer a comprehensive and synchronized social media marketing campaign to build your presence on current social media outlets, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, along with other social media outlets. As we know that Social media offers a chance to promote your product and brand awareness, let your target audience know about your business and that too at very cost effective manner, thereby offering handsome output by generating leads and prospects to increase sales and generate revenue.

Effective social media marketing takes quality and consistency over time to build interest and we have enough proficiency in the arena to give you desired results in the minimum strata of time.

Our Social Media Marketing team deals with data and its right application. Thus, we have a customized method of developing the data and later processing it to use it on the media. This is a comprehensive strategy which involves wide ranging processes in a simplified way.

To know how Solvemax Technologies can help you with your Social Media Marketing needs, call us on +91-8008407821

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are two different concepts with the later having a large role to be played by the website development company while the earlier deals the internet marketing increasing the visibility and sale leads through using tools like Google AdWords or Bing Ads, etc.

Our enticing SEM plans are what you are looking for in this challenging trend of business promotions. Either it be pay per click article submission, we have a large set of SEM offers which will help you buy traffic through paid search listings but here is the deal; these are all available at the most competitive prices and are also available in combination with Search Engine Optimization.

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Search Engine Optimization

There are more than 3 billion users flooding the internet with their queries worldwide. While there is some scope of your website being listed in the search listings, there is still cut-throat competition for it. Your competitors might have taken more measures to promote their pages, products or services online which makes it extremely difficult to cope-up with the increasing demands of the business fraternity.

Thus it is our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team’s major objective to help your business be highlighted with the most appropriate use of the language, effective tags and labels, images and latest trends on your website within the web designing structure, ultimately resulting your website to list high up in the order of the web search results.